1. New sketch. ‘Badge & Blood VI: The Return’.

  2. New sketch. ‘The Big Dance’. 

    Guest starring: @JohnUngaro

  3. New sketch. ‘Journal’.

  4. newvhs:

    The Unaired Pilot of “Valley Boys: High” - The newest of the new newVHS tape. Get it while it’s still warm. 

    We love newVHS. In all three ways.

  5. New sketch. ‘Bank Robbery’.

  6. Every time we go through our footage we find someone saying a very random comment. This is one of them.

  7. New sketch. ‘VFX’. We show our love and support for visual effects. 

  8. New sketch ‘Mustache’.

    Quick little video to hold you over till Monday.

  9. New sketch coming tomorrow.


  10. Filming new sketches tonight.

    It’s going to be on of those “two video” kind of weeks.